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Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your…no, wait, that’s another story!Rapunzel is out of her tower and needs your help buying dresses.That's why our editor Alice packed her bags and embarked on a crazy adventure there! Your future is bright like the stars of Hollywood, sugar! Our lovely editor Alice is in London with her bicycle club!They planned this amazing journey where they'd get to bike from Hyde Park to Chelsea! If you don't want to miss out on this play this game and let us take you to her hotel where you will be helping her choose an outfit that is both cute and comfy!

They are throwing a party in the garden of the famous Hill hotel to enjoy the first days of this great time of the year with their friends and families! After having participated in all long-lasting fashion events, Alice thinks she has already deserved a little pause!

Every level has a different challenge and fast-paced fun! Well, well girls, looks like our fashion editor is in another fashion event this time!

Let's see what she'll tell us about this big Sao Paulo Fashion week!

Fry, boil, serve, decorate, visit neighbors and compete against many other chefs! Here's Alice to take us to the Coachella Festival to make us feel better than ever!

So are you ready to spend three-day festival full of every kind of music and art? First she'll show us the Festival Fashion, then we'll have a great time listening to amazing live music together!

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Iškilus problemoms ar sunkumams, žmonės, pasitelkę išradingumą, visuomet randa išeitį: pradedant žemės ūkiu, baigiant informacinėmis technologijomis. Ridlis pateikia savitą suvokimą apie aplinką, kurioje gyvename.

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